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좀 지난 자료인데 다시봐도 웃긴다;;;

주요 검색어로는.. https://www.google.com/search?hl=&q=You%27re+beautiful+-+James+blunt%2F+Im+yours+-+Jason+mras%2F+Happy+ending+-+Mika%2F+Wherever+you+will+go+-+The+calling%2F+Can+you+feel+the+love+tonight+-+Eltonjohn%2F++++Let+it+be%2F+will+be+loved+-+Maroon5%2F+Pictures+of+you+-+The+last+goodnight%2F+Under+the+bridge+-+R.H.C.P%2F+Without+you+-+U2%2F+Poker+face+-+Lady+gaga&sourceid=navclient-ff&rlz=1B3GGGL_koKR347KR347&ie=UTF-8

You're beautiful - James blunt
I'M yours - Jason mraz
Happy ending - Mika
Wherever you will go - The calling
Can you feel the love tonight - Eltonjohn
Let it be will be loved - Maroon5
Pictures of you - The last goodnight
Under the bridge - R.H.C.P
Without you - U2
Poker face - Lady gaga

Let It be - Beatles
Take on me - A-Ha

노루바나(Nirvana) = 장기하 + 불나방스타쏘세지클럽의 메들리도 있었는데 어딨더라.


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